Space oddities are rare events that happen from time to time. They may be strange space monsters out for a snack, or just some natural phenomenon. Without sandbox or maybe quest intervention there can only be one active at any point in time.

Meteor Storm Edit

A storm of meteors that destroy civilization in stars they impact. Can be shot down easily with any weapon. Can start in any cardinal direction, but once chosen all subsequent missiles of that sequence will come from the same direction.

Shoggoth Edit

A creature that slowly and aimlessly traverses the galaxy. It is made up of multiple main body parts and some "nodes". Shoggoth raids stars like the ship type and shoots one gray laser per node. They also raid artifacts. Random start point on any star, except on hollow disc galaxies, in which it seems to start in the middle(perhaps out of date, or otherwise inaccurate).

Hunter Edit

A neutral ship that hunts down all creature oddities. It ignores star lanes and leaves the galaxy once all creatures are killed. Always starts in the middle.

Elder Thing Edit

Flying squid things. They are made up of the main body and two tentacles. They are very similar to carriers in that they carry Swarmlings. When flying headlong at a small or average sized ship (at least some oddities included like dragons and shoggoth nodes) tentacles have a solid chance to destroy the object hit. Always starts on the middle right side. Note: that he has an similar oddity called strangefish this oddity does appear but isn't available in the sandbox menu

Dragon Edit

A snake-like organism. Starts as just a head, but periodically gains a body section until it hits the maximum of 8. The head has an AOE based missile that can destroy both stars and ships. Each segment has a kinetic missile with light damage. Spawns randomly on the rim of the galaxy.

Eater of Stars Edit

Some kind of god jellyfish. It is completely invincible and it doesn't attack. They float around the galaxy marking 5 stars, and when they are done those stars, and some stars around them(much larger AOE than meteor), blow up. Always starts in the middle.

Puppet Mistress Edit

A small hostile ship that flies towards ships and attaches to them. Now it controls this ship and the ship will periodically take 0.2 damage and on death Puppet Mistress leaves unscathed in search of another ship.

Seeper of Sloth Edit

Green cloud object that consists of rotating plates. Kinda floats around, usually in a curved pattern up or down. Any star it touches, the owner empire(except neutral) start degenerating. Always starts on the right middle side.

Cecaelian AbominationEdit

An kraken like monster with eight tentacles hulled in some kind of smoke which shoots an projectile (same AOE as an meteor) it Is one of the most powerful monsters it can take out an whole fleet hunters

always starts at an random place by edge of map

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