Quests are missions that random ships are chosen to accomplish. These ships will leave the galaxy until their quest is done. They will return with a gift as a quest reward if you choose to welcome them.

Gift of Eyes Edit

Spawns a Shoggoth.

Gift of Friendship Edit

Spawns an army of neutral Raiders on the left side of the galaxy.

Gift of Ignorance Edit

Sets tech level of all empires in the galaxy to 1.

Gift of Guns Edit

Spawns a group of common ships in the empire that sent the ship on the quest.

Gift of Warmth Edit

Spawns a Dragon.

Gift of Chase Edit

Spawns a group of Hunter in the middle of the galaxy.

Gift of Arms Edit

Spawns an Elder Thing.

Gift of Knowledge Edit

Either sets empire of owned ship to tech level 8 OR raise tech by one. The latter effect is much more common than the former, especially if transcedence is disabled and empires are allowed to go beyond tech level 9.

Gift of Comradery Edit

Removes all peace.

Gift of Perspective Edit

Turns your view of the galaxy 360 degrees.

Gift of Madness Edit

Sets every empire's state to ALL_WILL_BE_ASHES. This effectively destroys all life in the galaxy. Very useful if you want to reset your galaxy.

Gift of Vision Edit

Makes everything look creepy for a while.

Gift of Mother Edit

Gives a mothership to the the empire that owns the ship on the quest.

Gift of Calm Edit

Creates a wall of spirals which slowly moves from the left side of the screen to the right, destroying all planets it touches.

Gift of Nature Edit

Spawns the Yggdrasil

Tenfold Gift Edit

Spawns a Cecealian Abomination, which will destroy stars while growing tentacles.

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